Our Work Experience Week at BLUE Profile by Phoebe & Piper Sass


To continue with BLUE Profile’s focus on supporting youth development in business, it was our pleasure to welcome two students from Studley High School to spend a week within our business and to gain some general work expereince within our Sales & Marketing department.

This is a a summary of Piper & Phoebe Sass’ Work Experience week with BLUE Profile, in their own words…..

Piper: “Hi, my name is Piper Sass, my week there at BLUE Profile has been spectacular, I would like to thank you all for having me in such short notice.”

Phoebe: “Hi, I am Phoebe Sass and I have just had an amazing week at BLUE Profile. The staff were very helpful and informative, which is what ultimately topped the experience off as a whole.”

Below is a collaboration of our experience:

Day One

As our work experience was organised at short notice, we got to experience ‘working from home’ that we have heard of and read about, when we were set a task by the Sales & Marketing Manager to research and create a presentation on Digital Marketing and Business Use.

It was a good experience to work together as sisters and working from home was a new experience. It was a bit easier to concentrate and to get all our ideas together. We gathered a heap of research on it and it was interesting to learn how social media is affecting business today.

Day Two

Today we focused on writing the script and building the presentation. We split this into two tasks with Piper writing one part of the script, gathering more information on a couple of examples and writing a conclusion to the subject. Phoebe created a high-level PowerPoint presentation to support our findings and to help highlight a few key aspects we discovered.

The remainder of the day was practising how to present this and keep within a 15-20 minute timescale.

Day Three

We arrived at BLUE Profile’s office in Leicester. Everyone is very friendly here.

Piper comments “I walked through the door and felt as if I was always meant to belong here.”

After a brief introduction to the staff and a run through of health and safety and procedures, we were given another 30 minutes to run through our presentation before presenting this to the Managing Director and Sales & Marketing Manager. To say we were nervous was an understatement.

We delivered the presentation, not perfectly, but we got excellent feedback considering the pressure we felt. To quote Wayne Kenward, Managing Director “even after 20 years in business, I still get nervous with presentations, you both did an excellent job, something to be proud of”

Over lunch we met the rest of the team in the office and got to learn everyone’s experience and how they got into IT. It was also interesting to meet two apprentices that work at BLUE Profile and understand that there are companies that invest in young people and also to understand that if we didn’t necessarily know what we wanted to do when we leave school, there are plenty of opportunities out there and not everyone was doing what they thought they would be.

Day Four

The second day in the office. It feels normal being here.

Today we are learning how to write a CV. This was very interesting because it helped getting some advice from people in business and guidance to format, layout and content. After several iterations and a few changes, we finally produced a good CV each ready for the next stage of working life ?

Day Five

The last day in the office. We both feel this week has been a positive experience.

Piper has learnt so much to do with IT in this business and is looking forward to sharing this experience with others.

The morning task was to design a template for BLUE Profile’s Case Studies. We were sent eight examples and split this out between us both to review. After this, we sat and designed a basic template on paper and then word. Marcus Evans, Sales & Marketing Manager then provided us with two older case studies which we used with our design.  Wayne commented;  “they are amazing. I really like the layout, the girls will be after your job soon.” to Marcus.

This is great feedback for us and something that we are both very proud of. It really lends to our creative talents.

This task this afternoon has been to write up our individual experiences which we can hand into school and then working with Marcus to create this summary, as he says “for all the world to see!”

This has been an amazing experience and our final comments would be:

I would like to thank you again for what you have done for us – Piper Sass

Thanks again to all the staff at BLUE Profile for allowing us to have this unforgettable experience and for also making it an enjoyable one. Phoebe Sass

A final comment from Wayne Kenward, BLUE Profile’s founder;

“I would just like to say that both Phoebe and Piper have really taken to the tasks set and exceled. They have adapted to the situations of a busy business and have shown great tenacity in completing the tasks. To have taught my Sales & Marketing Manager something on each of the tasks is a credit to their approach, understanding and delivery. Outstanding effort and it was a real pleasure to have had in the office and hope this has been a valuable experience for you!”