Transforming IT – Simplifying IT – Managing IT

BLUE Profile’s breadth of IT Solutions are designed to add value to organisations and save money & time by identifying and implementing IT solutions to enhance business performance and increase efficiency & agility.

Be it migrating from ageing legacy IT systems to Hybrid Cloud technologies or reviewing current business applications (CRM, ERP etc).  We ensure that all projects are delivered, managed and supported professionally and efficiently, with your complete engagement throughout the process.

Our experience spans across private and public sector organisations across the UK and we continue to ensure that our solutions provide positive business outcomes and importantly reduce both risk and cost. We continually review the current IT landscape and work with several key partners and without spreading ourselves too thin, ensure the partners we work with are able to support us and more importantly, your business.


A solid infrastructure is essential for anyone running a successful, efficient business. It allows you to make reliable business decisions, maximise your resources and increase productivity. Hyperconverged / Converged Systems, Virtualisation, Hybird Cloud, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)  are all adding to business complexities, we can help walk you through this journey and help map solutions to your current and future business requirements.


As your business grows, the IT systems and processes you use will need to grow with it. Virtualization has made it far easier for evolving companies to respond to the demands of the modern customer without compromising on quality or productivity. With all your data stored in one place, there’s no need to keep spending cash on costly hardware upgrades and new servers.

End User Computing

The modern workplace is having to adapt and become more agile as staff become more mobile and business more virtual. From virtual desktops (VDI), remote access solutions, single sign on, there is more demand than ever before to provide users with access to your services, applications and data on any device, any time, anywhere

Digital Transformation

Companies who aren’t able to move with the ever changing times are in danger of extinction, but change can be a notoriously scary thing. Our Business Transformation services will help you close the gap between advances in technology and implementation; equipping you with the skills you need to move your business into the next stage of its life.

Business Continuity

Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services provide and extend resilience to your existing in-house infrastructure. You can replicate or restore your VMs from your existing cloud or on-premise architecture to a secure offsite data centre environment, giving you peace of mind for a consistent business operation.

Data Protection

Most offices have an alarm fitted or some other form of security designed to safeguard the company’s assets. What many companies fail to realise is their most valuable asset is often their data stored on computers, laptops and networks. Backups will protect them from data loss caused by failures or fire, but how do you stop your data from being corrupted or stolen?