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Data Security

Most of our customers have initiated a home/remote worker capability.  Home working is not new but in 2020/2021  the number of people working from home has dramatically increased due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Remote workers are more exposed to risk of data corruption or data loss. Putting in place a solid remote worker data security plan is vital in today’s environment.

The start point of a good data security plan is the endpoint protection.  Key tools in the task of protecting endpoints are: Content filtering. malware and ransomware protection, endpoint protection and remediation tools, asset tracking and management and of course remote support capability.

Identity Access Management (IAM) & Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

The importance of ensuring that only authorised employees can access your data has never been more vital.  With so many organisations now adopting home worker practices, having the right IAM and MFA in place is mission critical.  Gartner recently recognised Okta as a Leader in the “Magic Quadrant for Access Management, 2020” for the fourth year in a row.  Okta also has excellent MFA capability which is why BLUE Profile always recommend using this software.

If the worst should happen and your organisation suffers from a data breach, the last line of defence is your back up capability.  Getting your data and applications back online quickly and efficiently is the key to reducing the financial and reputational impact of a data breach.

For more information visit our Backup page here.

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Many experts say that data, and not gold or oil, has become the most valuable commodity in the world in recent years.  As the value of data increases, cyber-attacks become a threat that business leaders have no choice but to place at the top of their priority list.

We do more and more of our business online, at the same time, it has become easier than ever for cyber criminals to find ways to spread malware or exfiltrate data from companies.  As they understand the value of the data organisations hold, the number and impact of data breaches is increasing all over the world.

Data breaches have become the new norm, presenting a major security concern for organisations, as both customer personal data and  company’s intellectual property have become high value targets for cybercriminals.

The truly scary side of data breaches is that unlike “vocal” malware, data breaches are focused on the single task of exfiltrating data as quietly as possible.  In fact, on average, it takes 256 days to discover a data breach!  This means that organisations have the daunting task of spotting something that was designed not to raise any security bells or whistles.

BLUE Profile recommend Bitdefender as it offers preventative measures detection technology, investigation and response capability.