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IT Audit and Report

The following is an example of a recent IT Audit and Report we carried out for a customer which illustrates how we carry out this type of work. 

Professional IT Services Blue Profile
A Kent based independently owned firm specialising in providing investment management and wealth management services for private clients and charities, founded 20 years ago and with over £1.1bn of funds under management.

The customer’s IT systems have grown as the business has grown, the IT department has responded to the needs of the business and has successfully implemented and supported new technologies and solutions. BLUE Profile was asked to provide a full IT audit and report that would identify options on restructuring the IT infrastructure and support.

BLUE Profile provided onsite consultancy services to review the IT systems and processes with the IT department and the director on Investment Operations. This was then followed up with a detailed report that identified the risks and benefits of any solution planned as well as the risks of the existing infrastructure.

The report took the form of a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) report.


Red Requires actions from immediate to 3 months as the risk to the business is high.


Amber Required actions within the next 12 months, no immediate risk to the business.


Green Longer-term goals within 1 to 3 years. The solutions are beneficial to the business but not essential in order to maintain a robust and secure infrastructure.

Following on from the IT audit and report BLUE Profile has provided services to:

  • Upgrade the existing perimeter.
  • Establish site to site IPSec VPNs.
  • Install and remote access solution for private cloud access, Microsoft ActiveSync for mobile phones, Outlook Web Access and access for 3rd parties.

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