The power and strength of IBM

BLUE Profile has partnered with and provided IBM solutions since its inception in 1997, however, the history with IBM goes deeper. Our founder, Wayne Kenward had worked closely with IBM throughout his career, having an in-depth knowledge of IBM dating back to the first IBM PC and PC-DOS to Netfinity servers, OS/2 and Lotus Notes.

IT Infrastructure

The digital revolution is laying the foundation for a new era of cognitive business. Moving to a dynamic infrastructure improves efficiency now and sets your business on the right path towards the future.
IBM z Systems are built for cognitive business. This enables organizations to operate at the scale and speed of mobile, bring right-time analytics to every transaction and ensure the highest levels of security and trust in the cloud.
IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications.
IBM is uniquely positioned to help you meet your storage needs with agile, simple to use and cost effective solutions.

IBM Security

You already know cybercriminals are attacking your organization and it may only be a matter of time before they are successful.
Are you ready? To combat today’s sophisticated attacks, a holistic, integrated approach is needed; one that spans prevention, detection and response to advanced threats, and integrates defenses with processes and people across the entire lifecycle of attacks.
As humans, we sense and respond to situations using a lifetime of experience and learning. When an organization’s security systems can do the same, it arms its security professionals with the collective knowledge and instinct to respond to threats with greater confidence at scale and speed. A cognitive business outthinks and outpaces threats with security systems that can understand, reason and learn.Welcome to the new era of cognitive security: Watson for Cyber Security

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud solutions are available for your business today! Drive business process improvement throughout your organization. Captivate your audience with digital media using IBM Bluemix. Crack the intel in your video data with IBM Watson. Deploy a hybrid cloud with IBM and VMware in hours, not weeks. Stand out in the digital economy. Create impactful moments and evolve them into deeper customer relationships using the industry’s leading multi-cloud integration solution. Learn how to integrate Cloud with your enterprise below. Optimize, create and connect applications on premise and on cloud.

IBM Global Technology Services

IT Services is one of the fastest-growing, most compelling opportunities in the market today. The IBM Global Technology Services portfolio provides solutions across services such as resiliency, technology support, systems, mobility, and security.

IBM Services range includes;

  • IBM Technology Support Services
  • IBM Resiliency Services
  • IBM Systems Services
  • Mobility Services

IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing can integrate your business strategies and IT solutions into one seamless financing plan. Our portfolio of payment solutions and services is designed to help make your goals possible and provide support throughout your investment lifecycle.

Watson Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is radically changing the way businesses operate and people interact with the physical world. As virtually everything becomes connected-from cars to crops to conveyor belts-businesses can harness the resulting data to improve virtually every aspect of what they do.

The Watson IoT portfolio enables organizations to do everything from connecting devices and building IoT apps, to solving specific business problems, to transforming their companies and industries.