Expertly Simple Email Archiving from Cryoserver

What is Cryoserver Email Archiving?

Email archiving is the must-have productivity tool for business. Contacts are made, news shared, projects collaborated on, deals done – all by email. Email is quick, reliable, legally binding, works across international datelines. Email drives global business and supports our 24/7 lifestyle.

Every mailbox contains a knowledge-base of business-critical data, and it’s all increasing exponentially in volume and complexity. Recent research suggests the average employee receives 100 emails a day : by 2016 it will be 140. Managing your email is the biggest challenge to personal productivity.

An effective, efficient email archival and management solution has never been more essential.

Cryoserver saves time and money by reducing premium storage footprints, cutting mail server maintenance costs, slashing time searching for emails and assisting the resolution of HR disputes.

Cryoserver is a flexible, scalable, high performance email archiving solution. Integrating seamlessly with all leading email applications, Cryoserver has a configuration to suit everyone.