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Endpoint Protection

The connection of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Internet-of-things devices, and other wireless devices to corporate networks creates attack paths for security threats.
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Many businesses have adopted, through necessity, a remote worker capability.

Whilst having the ability to have your teams work from home has many benefits it is also inherently risky. 2020 saw an unprecedented increase in cyber-crime. The industry experts tell us this was due to a wider attack surface that is made up of remote workers, with multiple endpoint devices and an upturn to the use of IoT sensors. The threat landscape continues to evolve as threat becomes increasingly evasive.

  • Risk escalates with the explosion of exposure points and remote/mobile workers
  • Cost becomes prohibitive and the shortage of trained personnel becomes more acute
  • Constrained resources can’t keep up
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Cybersecurity Business Gap

Business owners and CIOs are becoming increasingly concerned about how they are going to maintain the security of their business with the limited resources available. 

It is now essential that organisations look at low maintenance self-healing solutions to endpoint protection security.

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Many businesses have adopted, through necessity, a remote worker capability.

Most BLUE Profile customers have chosen to install the Bitdefender GravityZone solution on our recommendation. Why GravirtyZone?

  • Integrated endpoint protection
  • Risk management
  • Attack forensics platform.
  • Enhanced with user behaviour risk analytics.


GravityZone Elite safeguards your organization from a full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats. With more than 30 machine learning-driven security technologies, GravityZone provides multiple layers of defence that consistently outperforms conventional endpoint security, as proven in independent tests.

A single-agent, single-console solution for physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based endpoints and email, GravityZone Elite adds the human element into your security ecosystem, minimizing management overhead while giving you ubiquitous visibility and control.

Next-Generation Endpoint Security, Evolved

Bitdefender – integrated next-gen security for physical, virtual, cloud and mobile endpoints and email.

World's Strongest Prevention

Automatically stop 99% of attacks with #1 ranked prevention that combines over 30 technologies, such as unable machine learning, sandbox analyser, anti-exploit and behavioural analysis.

Attack Forensics and Visualisation

Gain insight into your threat environment and perform forensic analysis by zeroing in on attacks specifically aimed at your organisation. Visualise the attack kill chain and perform required remediation.

Endpoint Hardening and Risk Management

Strengthen security posture with integrated device and application control, patching encryption and other technologies. Leverage integrated Risk Management and Analytics to continuously assess, prioritise and address misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.