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What would we do without email? The experts report that most users spend between 30% and 51% of their week reading and creating email. Many organisations now use cloud-based email, the most popular is of which is of course Microsoft 365.

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Email Security - ensuring the information that is sent and received via e-mail is safe and secure has become a major focus for organisations.

This is since the reported incidents of ransomware attack has increased since the beginning of lock down. Creating a secure email environment requires not only the correct technical solution but also well-trained staff.

Our customers rely on us to monitor and update their email systems to protect them from Phishing and Spear Phishing attack. If you have concerns or would like us to review your email security, we are happy to set up an initial consultation to look at how we can help you protect against vulnerabilities.

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information or data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details or other sensitive details, by impersonating oneself as a trustworthy entity in a digital communication. Source: Wikipedia.

Global business is interspersed with a diversity of industrial sectors, united by a single, common communication thread that is key to any business: email connectivity. Email continues to be the most popular attack vector, via organizations at their email perimeters, from inside the organisation (through compromised accounts, vulnerable insiders, social engineering), or beyond the organization’s perimeters (the domains they own and their brands via impersonation). Cyber threat actors and threat groups are continuously researching and testing out new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in an attempt to overcome and exploit this increasingly sophisticated and complicated technology.

For more information on how we can assist your business with email security please contact us here.

The State of Email Security 2020 Mimecast:

Of organisations experienced phishing attacks.
Experienced email-based spoofing of business partners or vendors.
Of impersonation attack / BEC victims faced a direct resulting loss.
Saw an attack where malicious activity was spread from one infected user to other employees.
Of organisations saw increases in impersonation business email compromise attacks.
Believe its likely or inevitable they'll suffer a negative business impact from an email-borne attack.
Have increases in phishing.
Of organisations experienced a business-disrupting ransomware attack.
Saw increases in internal threats / data leaks.

Source: Mimecast