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Data Protection

“Data is the new oil” has become a popular expression in the last few years. Whilst this quote was aimed at large corporates; it is now just as relevant to smaller organisations and individuals.

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A myth regarding data protection is that it is difficult and expensive and only feasible if you are a large corporate.

This view used to be correct, but in today’s market, there are lots of great solutions available to small and medium businesses and individuals.  

Cybercrime has become commonplace, and the criminals have become more sophisticated. It is vital to review and update your data protection continually to reduce the risk of data loss. 

We view data protection in four categories which you can browse below or for more information on how we can assist your business with data protection please contact us here

Almost every week, there are new stories of data breaches in the news.  

  • NHS Highland is investigating a data breach in which the details of almost 300 patients were sent to members of the public.  
  • Disabled children’s names revealed in Bristol City Council email  
  • Ticketmaster UK has been fined £1.25m for failing to keep its customers’ personal data secure 

Source: BBC News


Data Loss Prevention

In today’s always on environment it is essential that all businesses understand who is accessing their data where they are accessing that data from and on what device. Incidents of phishing attacks on UK businesses has increased significantly since COVID-19 outbreak resulting in more organisations having home workers.


Data Backup

All businesses, regardless of size, should take regular backups of their important data, and make sure that these backups are recent and can be restored. By doing this, you’re ensuring your business can still function following the impact of flood, fire, physical damage or theft.


Disaster Recovery

Large corporate and government institutions have had disaster recovery plans and policies in place for years.

Small and medium businesses can now implement disaster recovery plans and processes due to lower cost of technology and the emergence of cloud solutions and disaster recovery as a service DRaaS.


Information Governance

Getting to grips with complex regulation, knowing what information you hold, where it is stored and if you can legally use it can be overwhelming.

Without expert knowledge, trying to manage this on your own is a significant risk. We have the expertise, the passion, the products and the services to help get you in control of your most valuable asset.