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From 2015 onwards we began to hear the term “Cloud First Strategy”

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The UK government published guidelines in February 2017 stating “ When procuring new or existing services, public sector organisations should consider and fully evaluate potential cloud solutions first before considering any other option. This approach is mandatory for central government and strongly recommended to the wider public sector.” Here are some of the benefits of a cloud first strategy. For more information please contact us here.

Highly available

The most common benefit desired by most organisations adopting cloud first is uptime and reliability. For example, Microsoft Azure offers 99.95% availability. Speed of deployment is high on the list of reasons to adopt cloud. Generally, it is possible to deploy an application or service much faster into the cloud.

Financially beneficial

Whilst costs for a cloud service is deemed to be expensive it is important to calculate the total cost of ownership verses an on-premise solution. If you calculate the cost of buying equipment, installation, and configuration and running cost of a data centre, cloud services start to look very attractive.

Enhanced security

Cloud based solutions and services are more secure and flexible for disaster recovery options. Disaster recovery as a service DRaaS, is one of the fastest growing services in the UK.


At peak times it is possible to immediately scale a cloud solution to allow an organisation to deal with seasonal peaks in customer activity. Christmas for example. When the peak traffic subsides it is possible to downsize to normal levels.

Microsoft 365
One of the most used public cloud applications is Microsoft’s 365 solution.

Microsoft 365 has changed the way that many organisations work with email and collaborative tools. Most of our customers have deployed Microsoft 365 Business Premium on our recommendation.

Why Business Premium? As well as all the benefits of cloud-based mail and collaboration tools like Teams and SharePoint, Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with all the applications you need to run a business successfully. Applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access.

Peace of mind comes with a comprehensive protection strategy backed by unmatched AI and automation. Security teams all over the country are still feeling the impact of the sudden shift to remote work. Business leaders are demanding safer and more intuitive user experiences to accommodate extended work-from-home policies.

The threat landscape, along with the need for secure remote workers, requires an integrated approach to protect against cybercriminals. Microsoft 365 has a comprehensive suite of security options that can defend against cyber-attack, keep your data safe, secure remote worker endpoint devices and manage the increasingly challenging identity and access management issue.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is best for businesses that require secure, remote work solutions with everything included. Contact us today to determine how we can help you improve your companies agility, business performance and data security.