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Private Cloud

A private cloud is typically deployed on your own hardware and software, on your premises and inside your company’s firewall.

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Maintaining a data centre, that is traditionally configured, can be complex task and is resource heavy. New hyperconverged solutions have gained popularity with many organisations. BLUE Profile recommend Lenovo HCI solutions. The ThinkAgile MX systems deliver fully validated and integrated Lenovo hardware and firmware that is certified for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions.

An alternative that has become popular is to run a private cloud in a rented facility where the environment is dedicated to your company. Many highly regulated organisations choose a private cloud to meet legislative data security requirements. Healthcare and government for example.

At BLUE Profile we recommend Iomart for when a customer requires the security of a private cloud but does not want the burden of managing a data centre on their premises.

Iomart’s private cloud hosting solution allows you to choose a platform that provides your business with a dedicated environment tailored to your specific requirements. The architecture will enable you to select from a range of options: from cost-effective solutions based on shared components to fully dedicated High Availability solutions with synchronous replication between data centres.

BLUE Profile, in partnership with Iomart,  can design your private cloud hosting solution for your organisation. Iomart’s solutions include; high performance, reliability, scalability, built-in from the start. Security and control are delivered using dedicated hardware and the latest components from Tier 1 technology providers.