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Hyperconvergence Makes IT Easier

In 2001, VMware started a revolution. By virtualizing x86 servers, they changed IT service delivery. But the rest of the IT infrastructure in the data center has not kept up. Hyperconverged infrastructure addresses the cost and complexity of legacy infrastructure and is one of the fastest growing segments in the $107B IT infrastructure market.

Unlike alternative solutions that only converge servers, network switching and storage, SimpliVity delivers the industry’s most complete hyperconverged infrastructure solution by combining all IT infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads onto your choice of x86 servers. With SimpliVity, you can drastically simplify the management and protection of virtualized workloads while achieving 73% TCO savings compared to traditional infrastructure

SimpliVity products share a common set of key features. All products improve agility by streamlining operations and freeing time and resources to support new IT projects, and reduce risk by enabling rapid recovery from unplanned downtime.

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    Guaranteed Data Efficiency

    Get 90% capacity savings across production and backup storage while improving application performance. Eliminate unnecessary IO and improve performance with superior global data deduplication, compression, and optimization.

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    Built-In Resiliency, Backup, and Disaster Recovery

    Ensure the highest levels of data integrity and availability and meet increasingly stringent RTOs and RPOs with built-in backup, bandwidth-efficient replication, and automated disaster recovery that eliminates legacy data protection.

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    Global VM-Centric Management and Mobility

    Simplify day-to-day management and improve IT agility with policy-based, VM-centric management. Get seamless VM mobility across your data centers and remote offices, making development teams and end-users more productive. .

Why SimpliVity? - in less than 3 minutes.

Simplifying VDI with Brian Madden

SimpliVity - IDC White Paper

A recent IDC survey of SimpliVity customers on three continents, shows that SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure doubles the time staff have for new projects and innovation, while significantly reducing costs by up to 70%.
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