Happy Birthday, 20 years old today!



Over the past two decades we have seen and been part of an amazing and changing industry and the 27th June 2017 marks a business milestone for BLUE Profile, a Leicester-based IT Consulting, Support and Solutions provider, as it reaches its 20th year in business.

Prior to social media, fibre and smart phones for the masses, things changed for foundr, Wayne Kenward.  Several customers approached him to offer him IT positions, however, instead of accepting, he chose to open his own business and offer them a share of his knowledge as their ‘Remote IT Manager’, these days referred to as a ‘Virtual IT Manager’ or ‘Virtual CIO’.

Why BLUE Profile?

BLUE – because Wayne had worked closely with IBM throughout his career, having an in depth knowledge of IBM dating back to the first IBM PC and PC-DOS to Netfinity servers, OS/2 and Lotus Notes and it was a good choice because “nobody got fired for buying IBM”.   Remember that old tag line!

PROFILE – because in 1997 it was all about networking and roaming profiles.

The business was founded on what was relevant at the time, what companies were engaging in at the time and continuing the relationship with IBM.

Let’s skip ahead 20 years…

The business has relocated twice, from the South to Lincolnshire and now to Leicestershire and no customers have ever been lost through bad service or pricing. Several have disappeared through acquisition or economical forces and a couple may not have been the right fit, but many customers have remained since BLUE Profile’s inception.   This is testament to a business run with service at its heart and the willingness to continually deliver above and beyond.

Today the company continues to provide managed IT support services, IT security, infrastructure and cloud based solutions.  It offers a consultative, holistic approach that considers the diverse needs of every business.

The aim for every solution has always been to deliver the right solution the first-time round, helping clients save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency/performance.

Wayne commented “the company’s 20th Anniversary is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the successes to date and nurture a new generation of IT professionals.  To see the company reach the 20 year milestone is a great achievement and we’re delighted to welcome our two new apprentices into the team who are settling in well.  I believe a good apprenticeship gives a better start in IT and we are not only investing in their future, but the ongoing challenges that face both our customers and our country today.”

Wayne added, “This is just one part of our three-year growth plan and we’ve been introducing lots of other changes that will greatly benefit our customers and partners. BLUE Profile’s heritage is something that many businesses strive for and we are looking forward to the next chapter”

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About BLUE Profile

Founded in 1997, BLUE Profile is an independent, leading IT Support, Consulting, Security & Infrastructure Managed Service Provider working with customers to Transform, Secure, Maintain and Simplify their IT infrastructures.

As a Trusted Advisor, we help reduce risk, complexity and cost whilst delivering increased efficiency and agility across the business.

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