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Reducing technology total cost of ownership

Gartner defines total cost of ownership (TCO) a comprehensive assessment of information technology (IT) or other costs across company boundaries over time.

For IT, TCO includes hardware and software acquisition, management and support, communications, end-user expenses and the opportunity cost of downtime, training, and other productivity losses.

As IT systems are become more complex and data becomes more valuable. Business leaders have been compelled to seek alternatives to traditional IT management. In the past 10 years the number of MSP’s (managed service providers) has increased significantly. Many studies have highlighted the benefits of outsourcing the day to day management of IT infrastructure to a third party. Allowing a third party to take care of resource hungry task like patch managing, security and compliance, backup and general helpdesk functions, frees up your expensive team to focus on profit making projects.

Many studies have highlighted the benefits of outsourcing the day to day management of IT infrastructure to a third party.

Total Cost Of Ownership

BLUE Profile help many organisations reduce the cost of IT support for example: A small not-for profit organisation based in London where every penny counted, needed to reduce the time they spent on managing their IT.

The customer required a solution that not only met their technical needs but also their financial requirements as most with charities, they had limited resources. The economic climate has seen a marked decrease in charitable donations and funding, so they were looking for an affordable solution without compromising on quality. 

They needed:

  • An accessible, reliable email system and hosted website.
  • Remote access to a private cloud for designated staff when working out in the community or at home.
  • The ability to share data, access records and respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently.
  • A secure network that protected the confidential data relating to their client group and other partners.
  • Access to reports.

BLUE Profile spent time on site, gaining a clear understanding of the nature of the organisation and their individual requirements.

Having undertaken a thorough review of their existing system, we created a bespoke service that met the organisation’s needs and gave them the peace of mind that they no longer had to worry about IT issues.

Their customised package included:

  • Helpdesk Service.
  • Fully hosted emails and email security.
  • Cloud based virtual server.
  • Disaster recovery
  • A dedicated point of contact for ongoing support.
  • Staff training and mentoring.
  • Firewall and encryption to protect important data.
  • Ongoing technical support and maintenance.