Competitive Advantage

CapEx v OpEx

The conversation regarding business agility and the impact of “As A Service” offerings is becoming more common in company planning and board meetings.

The traditional CapEx IT budget alone is increasingly less effective in todays fast moving data lead business environment.

Cloud technology offers the benefit of a pay as your go and grow option. In the last 5 years the world has seen new organisation appear and dominate a market space by leveraging Cloud technology. Uber is the perfect example of a company that was “Born in the cloud”.

Spending time creating an IT strategy that includes an element of OpEx has become an progressively important factor for organisations that wand to grow and thrive in the next 20 years. A UK government report published on the 10th February 2020 calls out these cost benefits of the IT OpEx Model.

  • Make use of the latest technology and services as soon as they are available.
  • Alter your technical architecture quickly if your strategy changes.
  • Take advantage of world-class managed services and security capabilities.
  • Continually optimise costs for your services.
  • Avoid up-front costs.
  • Host non-production environments in less resilient or cheaper places.
  • Experiment and test different approaches to the same problem. without commitment
  • Avoid extensive future capacity planning exercises.
  • Check your spending at any time, and set alerts to find out if it changes.
  • Stop your spending immediately if business priorities change.
  • Automate disaster recovery at a much lower cost.
How we can help you

BLUE Profile has been assisting companies since 1997, and continues to offer IT Consulting and Professional Services across the ever-changing technology landscape. We continually review the current IT landscape and work with several key partners and without spreading ourselves too thin, ensuring the partners we work with are able to support us and more importantly, you and ensure that our solutions provide positive business outcomes and importantly reduce both risk and cost.

As an independent IT consultancy, we offer unbiased and impartial advice to small and medium businesses across regions such Leicester, Northampton, Birmingham, Barnsley and London. Several customers work with us purely to vet and review IT Solutions recommended and provided by incumbent IT Partners, ensuring that any solution is right for the business and fit for purpose.

Our Consulting Approach follows a core methodology now dubbed DDIM (Discover, Design, Implement & Manage), which enables us to ensure every solution/service suits your business needs, not ours! This enables to ensure that each solution goes through the same core process of:


Understand your needs and identify the right solutions.


Working with you, we need to ensure that the right solution is designed to meet your business needs and that it resolves any potential issues currently being faced.


Ensure that the solution can be implemented on time, with the right support and with as little disruption as possible.


Determine the process to manage the project and the solution and ensure all teams are continually updated.