Competitive Advantage

Agile Systems

The term agile systems have many meanings depending on who you ask. In our world it means having hardware and software that can quickly and cost effectively adapt to your business needs when things change.

A prominent change in business practice has been the need to introduce remote working capability due the global COVID pandemic.

A traditional data centre inside your companies building that may now be empty is difficult to manage. This was the case with one of our customers. Their building was locked, and the landlord needed notice to open it to allow access to the data centre. When a system went down, and the company’s IT team had to wait to access to its datacentre to resolve the problem. The financial and reputational impact would have been significant.

To solve this problem, we investigated options that would allow the company to continue to operate as normal, in this abnormal business environment. The solution was hosted compute and storage in a secure rented data centre. The set up allowed BLUE Profile to add users, maximise security for end users and perform back up. Our team went to our consulting methodology DDIM (Discover, Design, Implement & Manage), which enables us to ensure every solution/service suits your business needs, not ours! This enables us to ensure that each solution goes through the same core process of:


Understand your needs and identify the right solutions.


Working with you, we need to ensure that the right solution is designed to meet your business needs and that it resolves any potential issues currently being faced.


Ensure that the solution can be implemented on time, with the right support and with as little disruption as possible.


Determine the process to manage the project and the solution and ensure all teams are continually updated.

The customer is delighted with the results and has also calculated that this new configuration will in the long term save them money.