Have you been to the dark side?

The dark side of the web BLUE Profile

“If you’ve ever had a company inform you that it’s had a data breech, it’s likely your details are floating around the dark web.”

Hybrid working 

Hybrid working BLUE Profile

“Hybrid working is an arrangement in which an individual, team, or organisation work part of their time at the workplace and part remotely.”

Is email the blind spot in your data security measures?

Is email the blind spot in your data security measures BLUE Profile

“Thanks to email’s flexible nature and adaptation to the needs of today’s businesses, users can access their email wherever they are, on any device, at any time, however it also offers a real threat to your data security.”

A concerning lack of Cybersecurity

A concerning lack of Cybersecurity Blue Profile

“Half of UK businesses lack the most basic Cybersecurity skills, new government research has revealed, prompting urgent calls for employers to take action.”

Daryl Hill joins BLUE Profile

Daryl Hill Blue Profile

“We are delighted to announce that we have appointed Daryl Hill as our new Technical Consultant at BLUE Profile.”