Wayne Kenward

Managing Director

I was born in Hastings, 1066 country before moving to Lincolnshire at 7. I grew up in a time before personal computers, mobile phones, email and the internet. I recall birds tweeted, you chatted face to face, the mail came through a post box, payphones took 2p and 10p coins, music was played on vinyl and tape, there were three channels on the TV, and I was the remote control for my Dad. I studied physics, mathematics and technical drawing at school before going to college to study electrical and mechanical engineering.

I left Lincolnshire and headed to Hammersmith to join BOC (British Oxygen Company) on an intensive nine-month electronics and computer course. My first job was fixing computer equipment to component level in a basement in Farringdon, London. After a year, I moved to Shell Centre in Waterloo as a hardware engineer, and this is where I got my first real experience of IBM PCs, software, mainframes and networking. The next position was as a field service engineer based in Putney and covering the UK. I progressed to Service Supervisor before becoming the Service Manager leading a team of field and workshop engineers.

I joined an IBM Business Partner to head up their services department and helped grow the business into a multi-million pound company. I was one of IBM’s first PSE (Professional Server Experts) and had many Novel at OS/2 skills, enabling me to complete some significant large scale projects. With 12 solid years’ experience helping other people grow their businesses, I decided to set up BLUE Profile in 1997, and I’m still here today. Over the years, I’ve helped companies from small 1-2 people startups to large multinational companies, including Legal & General, Fuji Bank, HSB Bank (Now HSBC), Lucas Automotive & VISA International.

I aim to make BLUE Profile the most trusted IT company in the UK, something I can only do with a great team and great customers. Outside of IT, I love music, both live and recorded & one day I will learn to play my guitar. I’m a bit of a history buff and love military aviation, which fits in nicely with my passion for photography. My love for wildlife and nature also goes hand in glove with photography. The only thing missing in my personal life is more time to fit it all in.