Tony Wand

Head Of Sales

I have been in the IT industry since I wore short trousers. So much has changed in the past four decades. Things that I thought where pure science fiction have now become commonplace. Recently my 83-year-old Auntie has been video calling me!! I first got into technology sales in the mid-eighties. I sold computer-based presentation equipment before the days of PowerPoint.

The first real IT job was when I joined ADT Distribution in October 1988. This organisation became Azlan, and I stayed with them through their IPO. After Azlan, I have held sales leadership positions with WallData, Ideal Hardware, NetApp, EqualLogic and Dell. My ten years with Dell was spent leading the Emerging markets storage and data centre technical sales team whilst living in Cyprus.

I returned to the UK in 2019 and has a short stint at StorageCraft before joining BLUE Profile. As a sales guy, it’s a real privilege to work with such high technical excellence levels in the team. Every customer discovery call is a dream when you have our guys supporting the sales guy. I share a passion for history and animals with Wayne, especially WW2 aircraft. When the sun comes out you will find me riding my horse or my motorbike.