From just four people the company was undergoing growth but had no server infrastructure. The company grew to a team of 17. BLUE Profile helped them move office and partnered with a cable/telephone company to get the work completed. The move was a lot of work simply because there was no proper infrastructure. Zephyr was then acquired by Guardian Capital (a Canadian company – Toronto) however the UK side remained with BLUE Profile to provide its IT provision due to history and time difference.


New infrastructure – more reliable, robust and security solutions. File sharing added because needed collaborative functionality and handle remote working. Egnyte file sharing replicates data in the cloud so all singing off the same hymn sheet.

Manage files, monitor servers, patch servers. Everything built and changed out of hours to minimise downtime to customers.

Help with everything IT related internally and externally apart from the photocopiers but do get asked questions if it goes down!

RingCentral PBX phone systems and hosted VoIP services – can access a call by opening up an app on mobile or softphone via a laptop. Ensures business continuity and allows easier communication such as video conferencing between offices and with clients.

Company: GuardCap

Industry: Financial Investments

Country: UK, Canada

BLUE Profile started working with GuardVapwhen when it was Zephyr Management. Finance and asset management company.

BLUE Profile were always integral in providing options, prices and how to use stuff effectively. All bespoke to our needs, not off the shelf – always given what’s best for the situation. Blue Profile provide a quick response if anything goes wrong or need technical advice. Within half an hour the helpdesk has usually fixed issues. Support over the phone and email and have quarterly support meetings face-to-face to plan. BLUE Profile are dependable.
Charlene Berry
Business Support Administrator
GuardCap Asset Management Limited





  • Data security provision and automated backups
  • Video conferencing proven very useful
  • Secure log-ins
  • Bespoke solution
  • Share securely with external parties
  • System is great at blocking things

Solutions at a Glance

  • Egnyte enterprise file sharing
  • Office 365
  • RingCentral

BLUE Profile helped with best practice in internal protocols and data usage i.e. not to just download anything. System is great at blocking things sending straight to junk folder cybersecurity.

The client used to use tapes to backup, now backup in the cloud. This was one of the biggest and most effective changes moving to the cloud. The client can now access from home at any time and login securely using a passcode function. They can now also access archived files, even deleted files (human error). Can share securely with external parties. Changes are realtime and workflow smoother. If anything should go down, can still access from another point. Data is secure.